Our Mission

We are broken. The Hebrew word is Shabar, which literally means to be broken into many, many pieces as when a sheet of glass is dropped to the floor, as you find most of the shells on the beach, or, as the Rolling Stones so eloquently put it,

"Uh huh shattered, uh huh shattered
Love and hope and sex and dreams
Are still surviving on the street
Look at me, I'm in tatters!
I'm a shattered

Born out of my own stories of success, brokenness, failure, and restoration, Invested Stories exists to guide and encourage people to live their lives out loud. To live out of their glory instead of their fear. To live out of the unique and special gifting God created in you from the beginning. Those abilities and talents which you usually take for granted because they come so naturally and which are mightily opposed and so many times diminished. To truly live Alive! Full! Free!

Not only are we broken but, in order to deal with the brokenness, we compartmentalize our lives. Our professional lives over here. Our personal lives over there. Our pain and failure hidden in the corner. Our lives of service to others tucked in the back. It seems to make life easier, more manageable … for a while.

At Invested Stories, our goal is to help you to reconnect the pieces and to identify and step into your glory. It is through reconnecting all the stories of our lives; professional, personal and philanthropic, that we are able to truly live Alive! Full! Free!

Alive: To live in anticipation. To engage life in the fullness of creation. To live in the expectancy of what is possible and the goodness to come regardless of current circumstances.

Full: To embrace the glory God has created in you. The glory you were meant to impact the world with and which has been assaulted. To allow everyone you encounter to feel the weight of your glory with integrity and truth.

Free: To engage others squarely centered in both your glory and God’s love no matter how it may be opposed. To boldly answer God’s question, “Is your fear greater than my love?” with a resounding “NO!”



Ray Schmidt


I have been a corporate executive for over 30 years building multi-million dollar organizations from scratch and delivering exceptional results under tight deadlines and explosive political pressure. I have coached professionals in both work and personal contexts, helping them to find alignment, focus, and optimization in all facets of their lives.

Over the years, it has become clear to me that only in and out of the narrative of my own life could I hope to find the purpose and alignment that leads to true success. My own failure to acknowledge and engage my stories with integrity and in truth led ultimately to failure - both personally and professionally.

As I have worked to rebuild my life, founded in the truth and integrity of my stories, I have been able to address both the pain and blessing of each narrative, enabling me to begin to truly live as God intended.

It is my greatest desire that we all truly come alive. To begin to leave behind our fear and shame and to truly live our lives out of the glory God created in each of us from the beginning. To allow our glory to overflow into the world and to impact the lives of others with the love of God. To truly live - Alive! Full! Free!