Facilitated Online Groups

We are in the planning stages for 2021 groups and leaning into the heart of God regarding what is to come. Look below for what we have offed in the past and we would be grateful if you would let us know what resources/opportunities would be most helpful for you.

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Invested Stories is pleased to be offering the opportunity to walk through six (6) Wild At Heart studies online in a facilitated Zoom Meeting format. The exact days and groups will be determined by the number of registrations. Minimum group size is three (3) and our preference is to limit each group size to twelve (12) to allow for optimal group interaction. Each group is either five, six, or eight weeks in length depending upon the topic. Group length is indicated in the group topic information below.

The group topics are focused around books by John Eldredge or Morgan Snyder and video material by Wild At Heart. Additional Group Topic Information is provided below. 

While reading the associated book is NOT required, you are highly encouraged to do so to take a deeper dive. Follow up questions will be provided for both group discussion and your own deeper dive.

Please contact us at info@investedstories.com should you have any additional questions.



Group Topic Information

Waking The Dead
  • Waking The Dead: The Secret To A Heart Fully Alive – A Six Part Study

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” That’s the offer of Christianity, from God himself.

Jesus touched people, and they changed: the blind had sight, the lame walked, the deaf heard, the dead were raised. To be touched by God, in other words, is to be restored, to be made into all God means us to be. That is what Christianity promises to do—make us whole, set us free, bring us fully alive.


Becoming A King
  • Becoming A King:  The Path to Restoring The Heart of a Man – A Six Part Study

It is God’s design, desire, and intention to empower humans and entrust them to participate in the ongoing creativity of the universe. Yet a look at our history and the world around us shows that the story of most men is being entrusted with power and having that power bring harm to themselves and those under their care.

What’s gone wrong? When can you entrust a man with power?

In Becoming a King, Morgan Snyder shares that when we take a deeper pass at the external problems around us, we begin to see the problems within our souls. Yet Morgan suggests there is hope in an ancient path that leads men to become trustworthy kings.

Journey with Morgan as he walks alongside men (and the women who love and encourage them) to rediscover this path of inner transformation. Becoming a King is an invitation into a radical reconstruction of much of what we’ve come to believe about God, ourselves, and the meaning of life. It’s an invitation to a rare and remarkable fellowship of like-hearted kings and an honest conversation about what power and responsibility look like for men in our world today.

Traveling the path isn’t cheap. It isn’t easy. It isn’t quick.

But it is the heroic journey detailed within the pages of Becoming a King that leads to real life; to men becoming as solid and mighty as oak trees, teeming with strength and courage to bring to a hurting world; and to our sons, husbands, brothers, and friends becoming the kind of kings to whom God can entrust his kingdom.

Beautiful Outlaw
  • Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing The Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus – An Eight Part Study

Reading the Gospels without knowing the personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off. The effect is a dry, two-dimensional person saying strange, undecipherable things. But when we discover his true character – this man who made the wind, music, and flying squirrels – suddenly all of the remarkable qualities of Jesus burst forth with color and brilliance like fireworks.

“We need Jesus like we need oxygen,. Like we need water. Like the branch needs the vine. Jesus is not merely a figure for devotions. He is the missing essence of your existence. To have Jesus, to really have him, is to have the greatest treasure in all worlds. To have his life, joy, love, and presence cannot be compared. A true knowledge of Jesus is our greatest need and our greatest happiness.” – John Eldredge

Come and discover this beautiful outlaw for yourself.

  • Epic: Discover the Story God is Telling – A Six Part Study

Life, for most of us, feels like a movie we’ve arrived at 40 minutes late. Sure, good things happen, sometimes beautiful things. But tragic things happen too. What does it mean? We find ourselves in the middle of a story that is sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful, usually a confusing mixture of both, and we haven’t a clue how to makes sense of it all. No wonder we keep losing heart.

We need to know the rest of the story. For when we were born, we were born into the midst of a great story begun before the dawn of time. A story of adventure, of risk and loss, of heroism … and of betrayal. A story where good is warring against evil, danger lurks around every corner, and glorious deeds wait to be done. Think of all those stories you’ve ever loved – there’s a reason they stirred your heart. They’ve been trying to tell you about the true Epic ever since you were young.

There is a Larger Story. And you have a crucial role to play.

Fathered By God
  • Fathered By God: Learning What Your Dad Could Never Teach You – An Eight Part Study (For Men)

There is a path leading to authentic manhood, cut by men who have gone before us, sons following in the footsteps of their fathers, generation after generation. There are perils along the trail, even disasters – all the more reason to rely on the guidance of a Father who has gone before.

But in an age when true fathers are in short supply, how do you find to manhood. This study maps out the path of manhood – from Beloved Son to Cowboy to Warrior to Lover to King to Sage, through life’s trials and triumphs – a sure path men have followed for centuries before us.

Moving Mountains
  • Moving Mountains: Pray with Passion, Confidence, and Authority – An Eight Part Study

How can our prayers become more effective? We all long to see God come through for us and those we love. But sometimes he doesn’t, and where does that leave us? Are we doing something wrong? Does he not hear? Why do some people’s prayers seem more effective than others? The we lose heart and give up on prayer – the very weapon God has given us to NOT lose heart.

There is a reason why some prayers are more effective than others. Jesus wants us to become his disciples in knowing how prayer works, to deepen our understanding of how God operates in the world, and how our prayers can make a difference. As we learn how prayer works, we find that prayer is not just asking God to do something but also partnering with him to get things done.