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(005) The True Creator

I was poking along on my commute to work recently and I started looking at the things around me. The road, the homes, the cars, the sky, the grass, the trees. Then it struck me. Only God truly creates. We can build; and, inspired by the Glory of God, we can and have, built some very impressive things ... extremely tall, beautiful buildings, intricate roads, amazing aircraft and spacecraft, magnificent homes, exotic cars, etc., etc.

The problem is, the things we build really don't last. Even if they are well maintained, they will only last for few hundred years. But, what God creates; what he pours his life and love into; trees, mountains, waterfalls, the ocean, and, yes, people. They are eternal. Yes, some may be broken, marred or tarnished. However, even when we think they're gone, the very good news is that they are not lost. They may be renewed, restored and redeemed. Like new as they say. So, while we build, it is God who truly creates. An OOOOH, how God does good work!!!

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