Prayer - Teaching, Facilitation, Support

Everything at Invested Stories begins and ends with prayer. If you're like me, you have struggled with prayer. What is it? How do you do it? Am I doing it right? Why don't I hear from God? Whatever is on your heart.

God has taught us a few things over the years and continues to lead us into new and exciting adventures as well as strengthening our daily connections with him even when we don't feel like praying.

Prayer is simply talking with God. Easy, relaxed, conversational. Like you would with your best friend or a close relative. To leverage a Nike slogan - "Just Do It!" Talk to God about everything - your joy and your pain, your thanks and your anger, your successes and your frustration. God is big enough to catch it all. Oh, and don't forget to listen.

Contact us if you'd like some help or guidance ... as the disciples, ordinary men, every one, asked Jesus ... "Teach us to pray."

Events & Facilitated Online Groups

Invested Stories partners with a small group of select organizations to provide events and online groups supporting its core mission of enabling us to live our lives out of our glory instead of our fear.

To live our lives - Alive! Full! Free! TM


The stories of your life
Alive! Full! Free!TM

We all do it. We compartmentalize our lives. Our professional lives over here. Our personal lives over there. Our pain and failure hidden in the corner. Our lives of service to others tucked in the back. It seems to make life easier … for a while. The problem is, if we are to optimize our performance and grow both professionally and personally, our lives must be integrated. The compartments of our lives - professional, personal and philanthropic, along with our pain, trauma and shame - must be connected, aligned and whole.

Invested Stories is a unique Integrative CoachingTM and Training practice focused on encouraging you to deliver your best in every facet of your life; each and every day. To desire and dream. To live out of your glory.

Our businesses, families and the causes we are passionate about need and deserve us to be our best in every situation. They need us to be integrated. They need us to be whole. The need us to be - Alive! Full! Free!

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