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Going Deeper

Resources offering opportunities, formal and informal, to facilitate a deeper dive into your stories, your union with God, the creation of environments where life can flourish, and the battle we all face!

Events - Live & Virtual

Events are one to three day opportunities to gather with a larger group to focus on

Going Deeper and living

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External Resources

External Resources consists of the "stuff and things" (books, blog posts, podcasts, videos, or apps) from others that we have found to be helpful as we endeavor to Go Deeper. Things that take us Deeper and encourage living

Alive! Full! Free!

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Courses are opportunities to explore a topic or theme more deeply. Classes may be free or have a nominal fee to cover materials required. Topics/themes will focus on Going Deeper and living

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The practice of prayer is the foundation of our conversational relationship with God. The resources identified here include books and commentary about prayer and the actual prayers we pray. Both those we have received them from others and those we have developed ourselves. Each helping us to Go Deeper with God and live

Alive! Full! Free!

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