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(014) Busted

My pastor Ed Allen (GCC) and I are starting a podcast series called Gateway Conversations. The idea is for us to have some 15-30 minute conversations with various members of the Gateway Community around various aspects of our walks with God. This is an experiment for us to see if people might find our discussions helpful, entertaining, and, hopefully, inspiring as they walk with God themselves.

However, this post is not about the podcast series. It is about our propensity to step out on our own without God, even when we are doing “God’s” work.

Ed and I decided to do our first few podcasts around prayer … what prayer is, the challenges, the joys, etc. So, I had picked up a Zoom H6, a couple of mics, some accessories and off we go! We got together this last week in the Gateway studio, aka Ed’s office, to begin with our first topic, “What is Prayer?” We talked a bit about what we wanted to discuss, I set up the equipment, we did a quick test for setting volume levels, and off we went at full tilt discussing what prayer is and why we pray. About sixteen minutes later we concluded and, for a first try, it came out well. We were both happy with the session, I packed up the equipment, and then I clearly heard Jesus say, “This was about prayer, right?”

Jesus is so very gracious. I knew EXACTLY what he meant, and I had to laugh out loud! But, nevertheless, I was immediately busted! We had not prayed.

We had not taken the time, right before a podcast on prayer, to simply connect with God - Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit – to consecrate it to him, to protect it from attack, and allow him to lead. No, we did what most of us do all the time; whether we’re rushing into work, heading into a meeting, engaging a friend, or simply taking a walk. We just did it … alone, without him.

And yet, our God is gracious and loving. So much so he gives us “freebies” from time to time. He steps in directly to allow us to “succeed” even when we step out on our own. And, if we will have ears to hear, he reminds us and gently asks us to engage. To connect. To walk with him on the exciting journeys that make up the stories we call our lives.

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