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(002) Welcome to Invested Stories

Welcome to Invested Stories!

My name is Ray Schmidt and I have been a corporate executive for over 30 years building multi-million dollar organizations from scratch and delivering exceptional results under tight deadlines and explosive political pressure. I have coached professionals in both work and personal contexts, helping them to find alignment, focus, and optimization in both their professional and personal lives.

It is the stories of our lives that REALLY matter. We live and work in story. We love and play in story. And, whether we like it or not, we struggle and fail in story; and, it is the alignment, focus and optimization of our stories that bring us balance and, ultimately, success.

Leveraging my own storied experience I created the Story Alignment Methodology (SAM). SAM has enabled me to consistently maintain life balance while ensuring optimal performance in every facet of my life - Work-Life. Play-Life. Serve-Life. SAM provides me with a way to identify the stories that mean the most to me. Provide focus to those stories, and, align each story to ensure I am investing in the stories that bring the most life even during to most trying circumstances.

Invested Stories exists to share with others the lessons I have learned and to help executive and ministry leaders like you to find the alignment, focus, and optimization you, your family and your community all need.

If you are intrigued, contact me for a free initial consultation. I look forward to sharing our stories!

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