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(009) A Man’s Question

Whether we admit it or not, all men have the same Core Question ... "Do I have what it takes?" and this question above all others governs our actions and reactions in and to the world around us.

That question and its answers take many forms within the full context of our lives. "Do I have what it takes?" ... Relationally - with my girlfriend or wife, with my children, with my friends, in conflict?; Materially - "Am I competent?" ... at work, when the car breaks down, when the plumbing leaks, when the yard needs taken care of, when a circuit breaker trips?; Provisionally - "Can I provide?" ... food, transportation, or college, sports and intellectual opportunities for my children?"

Obviously, there are more and I just scratched the surface here. The other question before each of us is, "Am I willing to take a look under the hood?"

As you think about this your version of the Core Question, which area(s) make you cringe? Where do you feel the most inept or unprepared? Be aware of the part "The Poser" plays here and the marker it provides. "The Poser" usually shows up as false strength; e.g. bravado, anger, aggression, defensiveness or something similar. The appearance of "The Poser" will generally identify the place where we really don't believe we have what it takes.

So, take that look under the hood. Identify your own place(s) of perceived inadequacy. And, take it to God and ask him to Father you in that place. "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." (Romans 8:1)

You have nothing fear and everything to gain. Godspeed Brothers!

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